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Before you sell your jewelry and other valuables, make sure your appraiser has the credentials to accurately identify and value your property.


By Art Samuels,
Graduate Gemologist GIA


When faced with liquidating valuable tangible personal property, making correct and informed decisions will substantially improve your bottom line. This article focuses on gems and jewelry but the information and considerations expressed are applicable to all valuables.



You should have your jewelry accurately identified by an appraisal professional with credentials. Unlike hiring an attorney or a medical doctor where state laws require schooling and exams to ensure proficiency, there are no educational requirements to legally call oneself a jewelry appraiser.


People often assume that when they enter a licensed jewelry store and an employee charges them for an appraisal that this ensures an accurate report. Shockingly, there are no assurances that the "appraiser" has received training, passed exams, or owns the necessary equipment. Anyone can open a jewelry store and legally sign appraisals by merely paying government licensing fees.


Ensure that your appraiser has the credentials necessary to accurately identify and value your property; minimum requirements include a gemologist diploma (e.g., Graduate Gemologist, GIA) and a gem lab. Requi...

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Follow a parcel of rough diamonds being polished at our cutting facility in Johannesburg, South Africa then flying to the USA for a Diamond Grading Report at the Gemological Institute of America in California and eventually into the hands of our Vivid Diamonds' Master Jewelers in Miami to create works of Art. If you have any questions on how we can make you that custom/fine piece of jewelry you have always wanted please feel free to inquire (888) 970-GEMS.


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At Vivid Diamonds & Jewelry our Master Jewelers are always busy working on new pieces for private clients, retail stores and stock. Below we follow the production of a beautiful 18.11cts Tanzanite and Diamond Micro Pave Ring.


Below is an 18.11cts Tanzanite and Diamond Micro Pave Ring in production. First we select the stone, second we mold the mounting and shank in Platinum, third we set the micro pave Diamonds, fourth we set the Tanzanite stone and finally polish the Platinum metal for a perfect sparkle. Let us know your thoughts.

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