At Vivid Diamonds & Jewelry our Master Jewelers are always busy working on new pieces for private clients, retail stores and stock. Below we follow the production of a beautiful 18.11cts Tanzanite and Diamond Micro Pave Ring.


Below is an 18.11cts Tanzanite and Diamond Micro Pave Ring in production. First we select the stone, second we mold the mounting and shank in Platinum, third we set the micro pave Diamonds, fourth we set the Tanzanite stone and finally polish the Platinum metal for a perfect sparkle. Let us know your thoughts.

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When I first saw my ring in the jewelry showcase I fell in love with its brilliance and fire.  Today my ring looks dull and lifeless. What happened?


1. Lighting - Jewelers pay lots of money to have lighting experts make their jewelry sparkle and glow. Ask to see it outside before you buy it, preferably in the shade or on a cloudy day. This is what your ring really looks like when it is clean and polished. This is what it will look like when you are having coffee at an outdoor cafe. Do you still love it? If you can't walk outside prior to purchase, don't buy it without a moneyback guarantee (not a store credit). Then look at it outside.


2. Dirt - If your jewelry looked good outside on the day you bought it and today it looks dull, the most common reason is that grease, soap scum and dirt have accumulated underneath your gemstones. Home cleaning will often restore the original beauty, provided you have been advised by a knowledgeable professional and you have the proper equipment. For example, emeralds, pearls, opals, tanzanite's and other gemstones are sensitive to heat and/or cleaning solutions. Although you can put your diamond in pure acid, the metal holding your diamond, might deteriorate in certain cleaning solutions. Ask your jeweler if they provide free jewelry cleaning - if they do, take all of your jewelry in. Do it today and in most cases the improvement will be remark...

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