With 40 years of diamond cutting experience working for the most well known mines around the world including Argyle Diamond Mine, internationally experienced craftsman Roger Baeck leads our in-house diamond cutting factory utilizing the most advanced equipment for measuring and cutting diamonds. We can polish diamonds for improved GIA cut and symmetry grades, fix chipped or broken diamonds as well as cut diamonds from rough.


Whether cutting rough diamonds or re-cutting polished diamonds, Vivid Diamonds and Jewelry holds up to strict age old diamond cutting techniques and standards.


We utilize the most advanced technology in diamond cutting to ensure that our diamonds are cut specifically to maximize carat weight, color, clarity as well as brilliance and sparkle.


Why is it important to have a perfectly cut diamond?

When looking at a diamond, our experts, with the use of the latest technology, strive to determine how to maximize the beauty of a diamond. Often times a diamond may look beautiful to the average person, but when compared side by side with a Vivid Diamonds & Jewelry ideal cut diamond, the difference is appreciated immediately.

Below is a laser scan of the proportions of a 1.70ct diamond with a cut grade of “Very Good”. In order to bring this diamond within the GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) range of an “Excellent” cut diamond, it would have to be recut to a 1.48ct as is seen on the scan below.

To adhere to our strict cutting scale and to bring this diamond in to our Ideal ranges, this diamond was re-cut to a 1.42ct. It is our determination that the brilliance, scintillation and beauty seen in this finished diamond overshadow the additional weight loss, and that is why we continue to fashion Vivid Diamonds and Jewelry ideal cut diamonds.



Visit our Miami Headquarters to see diamonds being cut in our diamond cutting factory. Have your old diamonds re-cut to look brighter or purchase ideal cut diamonds directly from the source, Vivid Diamonds and Jewelry.



We take our reputation very seriously which is why we are proud of our many professional affiliations.